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“B.J. planted his first local Independent Baptist church in TN where he served for 12 years.  Throughout his tenure as pastor, he preached in over 14 countries visiting several of the 100 plus missionaries supported by the local church.  During one of those trips, the Lord burdened his heart to develop a Biblical methodology of church planting in the United Kingdom.  
The Lord would eventually call B.J. to the mission field as a church planting missionary to the nations of the United Kingdom.  Upon stepping down as pastor, he and his family moved to North Carolina, joining Calvary Baptist Church in King, who became the sending church to the field.  
The Stagners arrived in Wales on 4 November 2014 and held their first church service on 5 November 2014, thus planting their first work in the UK in Aberaman, (South Wales).  Their second church was planted in September of 2016, North Cardiff (roughly 25 miles south of the main campus).  B.J. serves as Pastor of both locations along with his family.  Multiple outreach ministries work through the church, including the ministry of gym chaplaincy.”